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About Us


Family Business

We are a family owned business with over 40 Years experience engineering Reproduction Door Knobs and Hardware. 

Our dad, aka, Papa, was  always looking for ways to make things better, and this is how his door hardware became the best ever.  They have the fewest problems in installation and maintenance and will give you decades of function and beauty.

For the do-it-yourselfer, like Papa, we offer  retrofit kits, almost any door hardware part, top of the line interior door  latches and original designs that work for modern and antique fittings.

Victor Rousso

Papa was 90 years old and worked  with joy even on the last day of his life.  In June of 2018, he left us—and left a big hole in our lives.  But he had spend his last years filling us with his knowledge and creativity that fueled his success.

Living the Dream

Papa dreamed big and worked hard. We cannot fill his shoes, but we continue the dream every day as we strive to run RoussoUSA stores  as he would: attention to detail while having fun serving our customers. So...How can we help you achieve your dreams today?